Isabella Sanchez Castañeda

Hi friends! My name is Isabella Sanchez Castañeda and go by Isa. I was born in Cali, Colombia and was raised in Philadelphia, where I still currently live and work. I was trained as a journalist and am now a bilingual content strategist. I started my business, Isa Media Inc, in January 2021, after realizing […]

Alexita Protection

Protect your money 💰 mind 🧠 and heart ❤️ I help Bosses protect earnings and investments with the proper insurance. All you have is your good name 🤩Protect your money, family, and reputation with the following: ✅ General Liability✅Errors and Omissions✅Commercial Property✅Business Personal Property✅Workers Comp✅401k Protection✅Life Insurance Online FREE events :📌 Boss 101📌 Money 101📌 […]

Madeline Cruz McKnight

A first-generation bilingual Latina, mom of 3, raised by hardworking, entrepreneurial grandparents who was taught the path to success was a job desk in a cushy job with benefits. The education and career in law I pursued was fulfilling and made my grandparents proud but I knew there was more to life than a 9-5. […]

Melanie Rodriguez, PhD

Hola! By day I work at a fortune 100 company doing Talent Management/Leadership Development, a journey I’ve been on for the last 17 years. By night I share all that I’ve learned as Founder and lead coach at Elevate Latinas, a leadership coaching firm that works directly with Latinas and WOC to harness the energy […]

Marisol Peralta

Owner of Baking Life SWEETERLatina 🇨🇴🇵🇷 Living in NJPastry ChefDirectorProducerEditorBoy Mom to Emilio & Felix Career goal is to share love & hold conversations while eating pastries! Let’s collaborate, cook & drink wine either online or in person. Offering cooking classes online for all occasions-date night in, dinner parties, girls night ect via Zoom for […]

Andrea Sánchez Aguirre

Latina living in Texas. Founder of La Gente Apoya®, a LatinX documentary exposing the ADHD struggle of Latinos and the effect on the School-to-Prison pipeline. Teacher by day, content creator by night.

Jessica Muñoz

Purpose-driven poet-preneur | Artivist, community builder and serial risk taker | Voracious reader | Coffee and cake addict. 💪🏽 Disrupter🗣 Spanish, English, French💃🏽 Salsa lover🦸🏽‍♀️ Single parent Wonder Woman ♻️ Founder of LSC Swag, a brand that is Unapologetic | Urban | Socially Conscious | Designed to spark conversations | Sustainable fashion | Puerto Rico […]

Fernanda Rodriguez

BetterHumans is place that I had created for people that need to be heard and also connect , last years I had started my new journey of self-discovery and found in love with counselling psychology, life coaching and spiritual development. Today I would say that I am living my porpuse in life. That is to […]

Loraine Martinez Bellamy

I’m a multi-passionate creative through and through, a concept I didn’t even know existed until a few years ago. I spent most of my 20s striving toward mainstream society’s definition of success. I hustled and achieved, completely ignoring the creative side of me who loved to travel, explore, read, write, and dream. I excelled through […]

Eva Fernandez

Hello! My name is Eva M. Fernandez, LMSW and I am the owner of Compassionate Consulting. My mission for Compassionate Consulting is to strengthen, cultivate, and empower the community in personal, professional, and nonprofit development. Services offered: • Adulting/Transitional skills• Career Coaching• High School & College Prep Coaching (Academic Advisement)• Job Interview Prep Coaching• LinkedIn […]