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Mary Liebowitz

Content Creator & Podcast Host

I'm a digital marketer, typically focused on how a business or organization connects through a target audience through content. I primarily work as a writer and content strategist. I sometimes freelance as a translator for global Scandinavian businesses, as my career has been split between the US and Europe.

I'm also a genetic genealogist, specializing in Mexican culture and research, which is work that's really connected to my heart.

In 2021, and after too many months working from home during the pandemic, I finally found the time to combine content creation and cultural identity, and am developing a podcast called Ask Me About My Latinidad.

🌟 I'm so happy to connect with other Amigos and participate in discussions that open channels and bring people together.

☕ Feel free to connect, or meet up for a virtual cup of coffee, or let me know how I can support your project!


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Ask Me About My Latinidad

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Mary Liebowitz

Mary Liebowitz

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